Sebastian García

Product designER

Bogotá, Colombia


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Sebastian and cold seem to be a synonym. He is passionate for the nordic culture and dreams about visiting all those countries. Additionally, he loves to read about sports even though he is not the best at practicing them.

He is a Graphic Designer and videographer with experience in brand management and product design. He specializes in UX/UI and development of brand identity. Everything that he does is focused on the final user and his interaction with the product.

What is something that most people learn only after it’s too late?
To love the right person.

If you could ask advice from any historical figure, who would it be? What would you ask them?
Stephen Hawking and I would ask, how much time before we can travel through time.

What do you miss most about being a kid?
Magnify everything new.

You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue?

Develop a way that babies could born with 2 years.

What skill or craft would you like to master?
Analog illustration.